Mentoring young fellas
into manhood

A few quick questions...

Are you on-track to becoming the man you want to be?

Is your young fella well connected to his loved ones and himself?

Does your young fella have a sense of purpose and positive male role-models in his life?

Young fellas into healthy men

At an early impressionable age, young fellas require key guidance, purpose and a sense of belonging. The importance of the right leadership is crucial at this stage of their lives, with support being of paramount importance through a time of change and maturity. We work with families, single parent families, and young fellas from all walks of life, with one true purpose of inspiring healthy development.


Bridging the disconnect

Without clear guidance, young fellas can stray into temptations and distractions in the wrong crowds, leading to crime, substances or unhealthy lifestyles. Without a role model, young fellas will try to grow up themselves without proper guidance, which is where MenAlive Australia can help. We step in at a crucial time to reduce the disconnect deficit, allowing healthy development within the right circles.


Tackling teenage struggles together

We work with families to help young fellas who are running off the rails, struggling with violence, addiction, falling in with the wrong crowd or other aspects of everyday life. With casual one-to-one sessions, or family based discussions, we are able to tackle common issues faced through teenage years, working towards a plan of action to steer young fellas onto their righteous path into a healthy manhood.



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Helping blokes
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Breaking down barriers and helping men navigate through the uncertainties of purpose, masculinity and life’s curve balls.

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