Purpose, mission
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Peddling hard but feeling stuck?

Under pressure to provide?

Are you living the life you want?

Life simply isn’t easy

Being a provider for your partners, family, loved ones or work colleagues, brings with it a constant stress of being on the ball. Sometimes, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the pressures of these expectations and demands. After all, we all need love, support and looking after too. Paul (Director of MenAlive Australia and fellow bloke) offers perspective, empathy and understanding to his students who seek his support in this area.


What’s your purpose?

Paul works with men and women who are in need of reminding why they are here. Call it your life purpose, your soul mission, or even your inner passion, the fact remains that we sometimes need some help redefining what these are. If you feel stuck in a rut of a mundane routine, MenAlive Australia have the ability to rediscover your passion and sense of purpose.


Steering you on the right path

We all need strong leadership at times, but the hard part is accepting that we need this help. Consultancy sessions with Paul are open, honest and enlightening, exploring and unravelling pointy questions around life purpose, routine and keeping up with the pressures of being a provider. Hard hitting themes, designed to bring about clarity around what it is you are actually on this planet to do.

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Email: paul@menaliveaustralia.com.au

Phone: 0409 054 069

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Helping blokes
lives go well

Breaking down barriers and helping men navigate through the uncertainties of purpose, masculinity and life’s curve balls.

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