When times
get tough

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Are times tough?

Are you self-medicating?

Want to reclaim your power?

Hurdles and challenges are a part of life

You can’t always plan for everything in life, things can quickly change. It is in these moments where support and guidance are crucial to maintaining a healthy state of mind. We have helped an array of men find their way through difficult moments in their lives, whilst also assisting women with their own challenge in masculinities, whilst helping to understand the behaviours of their partners.


Helping you cope

The struggles of day to day living are not uncommon in a world of uncertainty, challenge and stress. Whether or not it’s a failed relationship, a complicated children’s custody battle, or the stress of providing, these struggles test our will and challenge our sense of peace. We take pride in being the guiding light in these scenarios, helping to support men and women through the trials and tribulations of the uncertain world of life itself.


Taking action before the wheels fall off

When our worlds fall down, we are in danger of hiding away and avoiding the issue, a very dangerous place to be. Through our support and guidance sessions, we work with you to help you through these moments, tackling the issues head on, with proven strategies to help get you through. We offer one-on-one mentoring sessions, as well as sessions for couples and workshops for larger groups.

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Email: paul@menaliveaustralia.com.au

Phone: 0409 054 069

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Helping blokes
lives go well

Breaking down barriers and helping men navigate through the uncertainties of purpose, masculinity and life’s curve balls.

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