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Assoc. Prof. Martin Hultman has an MA in Social and Cultural Analysis and PhD in Social and Technological Change. He has been a Visiting Research Fellow at Canterbury and Massey Universities (NZ).

Assoc. Prof. Hultman has been awarded full funding from The Swedish Research Council Formas and Energimyndigheten in support of research and publications (both books and journals) focusing on Gender and the Environment. He is a regular contributor to numerous international academic conferences as well as activist and community-centred workshops on topics related to Men and Nature.

Martin is also a renowned advocate for Sami (Lapp) sovereignty, giving him particular expertise in northern European indigenous social and environmental wisdom. Further, Martin serves as a leader in formulating a feminist mining policy to be presented to the Swedish government in support of debates around gender equity and environmental care as integral to the legal compliance of the Swedish resources sector.

As a scholar and citizen, Martin is involved in local environmental politics in forms of ecotourism, ridesharing and public seminars being also co-ordinator of Environmental Posthumanities and SweMineTech research networks.

Publications include; The Making of an Environmental Hero: A History of Ecomodern Masculinity, Fuel Cells and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Discourses of Global Climate Change as well as and theoretical volume about posthumanities Posthumanistiska Nyckeltexter.

Assoc. Prof. Martin Hultman

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