Meet Paul

Meet Paul

Paul M Pulé (PhD) has dedicated his life to helping men’s lives go well.

He is a scholar and community leader specialising in the intersection between men, masculinities and Earth. Through this work, Paul has become an internationally recognised Mentor, Advocate, Leader and Researcher, working one-on-one, with businesses and communities, writing books, conducting studies and leading seminars and workshops that aim to help make the world a better place for all.

In 2013, Paul completed a PhD that explored men’s capacities to care for self and all others.

His personal and professional journey has forged a career that is both at the coal face of life’s ups and downs as well as deeply steeped in research, enabling him to offer support services focused on caring for all of life, with a special focus on men.

Paul initially came to this work by using his hands … He has worked for many years as carpenter where he got to work closely with boys and men on projects and there discovered a natural talent for helping blokes’ lives go well.

He is currently completing a book about men, masculinities and Earth with his colleague Assoc. Prof. Martin Hultman on the topic of Ecological Masculinities. This book guides men to care about our Earth, communities, families, each other and self. It’s a book whose time has come.

Paul is also visioning a new contribution to boy’s and men’s lives that combines carpentry with Rites of Passage, Mentoring and Apprenticing that facilitates boys to become healthy well-adjusted men.


Helping blokes
lives go well

Breaking down barriers and helping men navigate through the uncertainties of purpose, masculinity and life’s curve balls.

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