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Critical Research on Men and Masculinities (CSMM)

Throughout countless years of Critical Research on Men and Masculinities, MenAlive Australia have uncovered key behaviours, personality trends and modern findings to reveal a new world of information to help men navigate through an uncertain world. Headed by Paul M Pulé (PhD), MenAlive Australia continues to operate at the forefront of this specific key area of academic research, tending to men’s needs in connection with the needs of all others.


Helping men rediscover their caring selves

From the extensive work carried out, it can be seen that when men are not in relationships, they easily destroy them, something which our research aims to counter. By researching men, we can garner a better understanding of how best to help them re-access their caring selves, paying attention to the things that matter in life. Whether that be a partner, child, loved one, family, or lifestyle, our research aims to enable this sense of self-discovery and awareness, enriching lives along the way.


Sharing our research on a global scale

Paul M Pulé (PhD), together with his colleague, Associate Professor Martin Hultman, are soon to be introducing their research to the world via a published book focused on Ecological Masculinities. The book is set to explore the findings throughout extensive research into men and masculinities, in a way that uncovers how Paul works with his clients.

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Helping blokes
lives go well

Breaking down barriers and helping men navigate through the uncertainties of purpose, masculinity and life’s curve balls.

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